art should be fun

24 and so much more


"I paint with shapes." -Alexander Calder, born on this day in 1898! 

Catch our Calder retrospective, on view through Sunday.

fabulous exhibit. really a must see.


I’ve seen 4 sponsored posts on my dash within 15 mins tonight.

The golden age of Tumblr has ended.

Grace Kelly in Rear Window; 1954.

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this was so good. I will never get over it.

Kurt was so cute

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I was so scared to take these photos with this phenomenal photographer. I wore no make up, no fancy lingerie (I made the panties myself) I was completely bare & honest both physically & mentally. These photos are a tool with which I can see beauty in myself & realize that no opinions of me matter. What matters is that I choose to be in love with myself & marvel at the beauty I find in me. Thank you Andrew ;)

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